Thursday, 28 December 2006

UN Urges Protection of Journalists

The United Nations’ Security Council has publicly condemned any attacks on journalists operating in war zones, and has called on all parties to put an end to violence aimed at the press. The council’s unanimously adopted resolution also insisted upon the fact that these attacks “may constitute a threat to international peace and security.”

Source:The Editors Weblog

Iraq media death toll tops 160

More than 160 journalists and other media workers have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of the conflict in 2003.The International Federation of Journalists has called on the United Nations Security Council to help tackle the "crisis" facing journalists working in Iraq.
"We need more safety training, better equipment to protect media staff at work and more humanitarian aid," said the IFJ's general secretary Aidan White. "But most of all we need political will to bring an end to the targeting and killing of media people."

Source: Guardian

Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Ultimate Citizen Journalist Phone

Scoopt and Sony Ericsson have teamed up to bring out the ultimate mobile/citizen journalist phone.

The top range
K800i that has a supper 3.2 megapixel camera, and comes with a link in main menu of the phone to sign up to Scoopt, which also prompts the downloading a V-card for your address book too.

Both phones having cracking Cyber-Shot cameras picture blogging tools push email and RSS feeds check it out

This probably will mean that the 6 megapixel mobile camera phone is only just around the corner (out in 2007) for mainstream purchase, which I think will be highly significant.

When you consider that many local newspapers are still using the Nikon D1 and its variants that has an image sensor of 4 megapixels you start to see why; image size.

However we might need to wait a bit longer before a 4-6 megapixel point and shoot matches the quality of a DSLR, but at least the picture editors have some room to crop images and possibly do half page!

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Happy Christmas

Just in case you forgot, everything has a price and comes from a resource somewhere, so like the graffiti on the walls in Derby consider this:

Buy Less, Share More

Minister quits over Trident vote

Minister quits after Trident vote

Malcolm Chisholm has spoken out against TridentCommunities Minister Malcolm Chisholm has resigned from the Scottish government after voting with the SNP over the replacement of Trident.
He was one of four Labour members who supported the SNP's motion opposing the replacement of the nuclear submarines.

Source: BBC

Blind leading the blind

Well, I have had several goes at uploading images. so now maybe its time to sort out the design

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Hi All,

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