Thursday, 21 December 2006

The Ultimate Citizen Journalist Phone

Scoopt and Sony Ericsson have teamed up to bring out the ultimate mobile/citizen journalist phone.

The top range
K800i that has a supper 3.2 megapixel camera, and comes with a link in main menu of the phone to sign up to Scoopt, which also prompts the downloading a V-card for your address book too.

Both phones having cracking Cyber-Shot cameras picture blogging tools push email and RSS feeds check it out

This probably will mean that the 6 megapixel mobile camera phone is only just around the corner (out in 2007) for mainstream purchase, which I think will be highly significant.

When you consider that many local newspapers are still using the Nikon D1 and its variants that has an image sensor of 4 megapixels you start to see why; image size.

However we might need to wait a bit longer before a 4-6 megapixel point and shoot matches the quality of a DSLR, but at least the picture editors have some room to crop images and possibly do half page!

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