Saturday, 21 April 2007

MySace no New-s

MySpace user organised new-s
As there is quite a few photographers these days using MySpace as a way of attracting specialist clients like music PR companies this may be of some interest.

MySpace has launched a news service aimed at letting its users determine their own editorial agenda.

MySpace News apes Google News by using a search algorithm to automatically aggregate stories from sources around the world, placing them in a plethora of niche categories and 25 overarching topics.

Like social news bookmarking websites Digg and MySpace, the new service allows users to vote stories up and down the news agenda. But unlike the one-million strong technology-focused site Digg, MySpace's d├ębutante does not yet enable users to add their own stories to the system - a feature that was expected.

Although after only having a brief look at the Digital Photography category what MySpace calls News is more like sales pitches for actions and e-books

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